Most law firms spend a great deal of time telling you about themselves.  Usually, they do so by telling you what type of work they do or what type of clients they represent.  But that approach only tells half of the story.  What clients really want to understand is “why” does a law firm do what it does?  Is it just for money?  Or does the law firm truly care about its clients?  Does it have a core set of values by which it operates?  Does the law firm have a vision for itself and for its community?

                 At The Baig Firm, the reason why we do what we do is simple – we care.  We know that when an individual or a business seeks out an attorney, they are doing so because they have a problem.  And for that moment, nothing in life is bigger than that problem.  That matters to us.  We are sensitive to the stress and frustration that often precedes finding the right lawyer.  We have seen our own family and friends experience that same stress and frustration and we have vowed to always be a source of relief, not a source of additional stress or frustration.

            We recognize that we are in the problem-solving business.  Whether we are representing large corporations or private individuals, we approach each representation with the same goals – to identify the problem and then identify all of the possible solutions.  By utilizing this approach, we are able to empower our clients with choices.  Ultimately, it is our clients that decide how their problem is resolved.  We are not perfect.  Far from it.  But the fact that we care will always make us go beyond what is expected of us.   And in the end, that is how we measure our success.

"We are a general practice law firm specializing in solution-oriented lawyering. We're in the problem-solving business." - M. Khurram Baig, Founder/Owner



Civil Litigation
  • Breach of Contract

  • Business Torts

  • Individual/Intentional Torts

  • Equitable Relief/Injunctions

  • Appeals

Business Law

  • Structuring/Entity Formation

  • Risk Assessment/Management

  • Document Review/Drafting

  • Restrictive Covenants

  • Employment/Labor

Construction Law

  • Residential/Commercial

  • Contract Review/Drafting

  • Construction Defects/Warranties

  • Bond Claims and Surety Defense

  • Liens

Commercial Law

  • Debtor/Creditor representation

  • Collections

  • Import/Export

  • Negotiable Instruments

  • Uniform Commercial Code

Real Estate Law

  • Residential/Commercial

  • Buyer/Seller representation

  • Closings

  • Quit Claim Deeds

  • Landlord/Tenant


With over a combined two decades of experience, our lawyers have developed expertise in a variety of areas and across a variety of industries, including, but not limited to Franchise, Retail, Hospitality, Gas station/C-Store, Medical, Dental, Information Technology, Construction and Real Estate.  Additionally, our lawyers work with several non-profits and other community focused organizations on everything from corporate governance issues to litigation related matters.  Our lawyers also have extensive experience in a variety of Tort and Negligence Litigation matters such as Premises Liability, Slip and Falls and Auto Accidents.  Finally, our lawyers have extensive experience in handling a variety of Criminal Defense matters including Municipal and Code matters as well as State and Federal Level Misdemeanors and Felonies.  Our work has taken us all over the State of Georgia, and indeed, all across the United States.  Below is a representative listing of the areas of law in which we specialize and the types of matters we routinely handle:

Administrative Law

  • OSAH Hearings

  • Georgia Lottery Corporation

  • Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Services

  • Georgia Department of Labor

  • Georgia Department of Revenue

Tort and Negligence


  • Automobile collisions

  • Premises liability

  • Slip/Trip and Falls

  • Products liability

  • Wrongful death

Non-Profit Law

  • Governance

  • Strategy

  • Risk Assessment

  • Document Review/Drafting

  • Litigation

Criminal Defense

  • Municipal/County Code Violations

  • Traffic

  • Misdemeanors

  • Felonies

  • State/Federal

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Conciliation

Family Law

  • Marriage Contracts

  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Child Support


At The Baig Firm, our people are our greatest resource.  To learn more about who you will be working with when you engage The Baig Firm, please click on the photographs below:

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M. Khurram Baig

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Aisha Rahman
Of Counsel

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Kimberly S. Marquis
Senior Paralegal

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125 Lawrenceville Street,

Suite 100

Norcross, GA 30071

Email: info@baiglaw.com
Office:  (678) 534-2529

Since its founding, The Baig Firm has always called Historic Norcross home.  The location is ideally situated in Gwinnett County, a vibrant, diverse community that is home to one of the Nation’s most active and engaged business communities.  Within a few square miles of The Baig Firm, you will find Fortune 500 companies as well as thriving small businesses.  The social and cultural fabric of Metro Atlanta is well represented just outside our door as our location is conveniently accessed by all Metro area counties.

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